Elementary Students Gain A Sense of Empowerment While Raising Funds and Awareness for Their School

Elementary students in Missouri City, Texas finished a strong run and helped achieve the goal of raising funds for their school. Targeting funds to improve the school’s common areas and classrooms, staff at Scanlan Oaks Elementary(SOE) teamed up with Boosterthon to maximize community support and involvement. The collaboration produced a fundraising campaign packed with exciting activities, student contest, one of Boosterthon’s more popular programs, the Fun Run and more. The colored Fun Run alone drew big crowds and had kids buzzing about their part in this year’s marathon but it meant much more than fun time. Students gained a sense of empowerment while raising funds for their school. “I felt like my participation in this event has helped my school. I’m very creative and often run with my friends but this weeks’ activities were for a special cause”, says one student.

There are an estimated 980 students that attend Scanlan Oaks Elementary. Through fundraising efforts, the school aimed to raise funds for improvements, while encouraging students to implement their own ideas and to live healthy lives. “Parents, Supporters and the SOE community should be proud of what they are doing,” said Jaime Geis, principal of SOE. “Thank you for helping us reach our goal and making this campaign a huge success.”

This is not SOE’s first successful fundraiser, using Boosterthon. Their 2016 ‘Themed ‘Big World Recess’, campaign was powered by a 9-day event that kicked off with a school Pep Rally and student contest. The global fitness theme was geared towards raising donations for a new gym floor. As sponsors and families poured in to help SOE, students contributed to the experience by creating school decorations, making announcements and of course running in the Oh So Famous ‘Fun Run’.

Some donors included Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital, The Harvest United Methodist Church, Sara Lyn Nguyen, Realtor, Weldon Finley Wallace Insurance and many more.

For this year’s GRAND finale, students preserved their energy and most holiest socks for the color tossing marathon of them all, the Colored Fun Run. Participants were met with tables for water breaks and tables with colored powder. As they ran around the fields, parents and volunteers dashed colored powder into the air, turning it into- and I quote the kids-“the most Rad festival ever,” says one 4th grader. Some running over 30 laps, pushed to the end for their cause. They knew that the more laps they ran, the more money SOE earned from pledges. As family and friends cheered them on from the sidelines, you could almost hear the ‘Chariots of Fire‘ Theme song, Lol. It was something great! We were there and witness the kids’ efforts to help better their school but MORE importantly, they witnessed their own power to bring change and make a positive difference. Way To GO SOE Staff, Family & Friends!

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