5 Ways to Make Homework Fun for Kids

Training starts at home!

While learning requires listening and creative thinking, most of it consists of memorization and reciting. Remember those fractions and site words are competing against recess and cartoon time. So to help, try these 5 ideas on ways to make learning fun.

 1.  Convert homework into family games

Learning does not have to just be hours of sitting, writing and reading. You can convert the lessons into games. For most students junior high age and younger, the core curriculum is focused on the development of reading, writing and mathematics skills. Fun family games like scrabble or word factory, build memory and vocabulary, and counts as fun time. Let them teach you. Allowing students to take the lead role, brings imagination into play; aids them in storing the information as they teach and gets you involved in their learning process. Have them show you how to solve the problems and ask them questions as if you are the student. This helps them retain the information and gives you an idea of their understanding.


2.  Educational Apps and Videos

If you’re an on the go parent and have gadgets like cell phones, computers or iPads handy, there are a host of online learning games and apps designed just for kids. Trusted names like PBS Kids and Disney Educational Production, have great websites for exploring educational games and videos for kids.

For more tips on learning games & education resources, your child’s school or pediatrician may have be able to help

3. Invite a classmate

Though it may mean a little extra noise, letting your child’s classmate team up for homework has many benefits. Since students are expected to learn and memorize concepts through practice, engaging in a more in-depth study with classmates, increases those chances. Along with a better understanding, this practice allows students to see the various ways their peers study school work and creates a more enjoyable learning experience.

4. Treat them to a bowl of snacks

Whether it’s a fun snack to munch on while studying or a treat for break time, snacks are always bonus.

5. Take a Trip

Changing the environment or learning by discovery can be a fun way of tackling what some kids call, boring material. Arrange an outing that relates to the subject your child is studying. If the lesson is on animals or habitation, trips to the Zoo or local pet shop will be a great start. Visit the animals they’re studying and have your child name the characteristics of each animal. Watch for a local pet events where the whole family can get involved and support the child’s efforts in learning.