Thoughtful ideas for National Grandparents Day

Today, we celebrate Grandparents for their contributions to our generations, families & country.

Whether present or not, Grandparents play and important role in our lives. They’re the keeper of most family memories, recipes and secrets. Even more so, they’re the bridge between the generations that came before them and those that follow.

Depending on your relationship and the type of grandparents you have, there are many activities you can try that will involve them in your day or week. Here’s Five –

Five ways to celebrate Grandparents

1. A thoughtful gift will always bring a smile.

2. A family visit if their away or a day out on the town with the family for dinner.

3. Card-giving.. This is good if your budgeting and/or not good with words.

4. Invite grandparents to school or work to show them what values the’ve help invest in. Allow them to participate & tell stories of how they use to do these things.

5. Story-telling activities like
art, creating life books or poster games will bring fun to any day with kids. Even letting them tell the stories can be great!

National Grandparents’ Day has been celebrated in the United States since 1978 and celebrates those who have seen much & helped pave the road we travel.