4 Things To Consider Before Marriage



What you should know about marriage while you’re dating

Whether you’re still dating, newly engaged, or already hitched, every couple should consider these 4 things about getting married. They’ll make sure you’re coasting the road to matrimony—with lesser kinks to work out.


1.Assess your finances

Yes, you must consider how you and your partner have spent the last few years financially! And while discussing finances with your fiancé may feel awkward or intrusive, it’s an important factor to consider when planning your future footsteps together.

If you guys are fresh out of school; have not budgeted bills; checked your credit at least once and have no savings, making small investments in the beginning may be a wise choice. Couples who are not financially prepared entering the marriage, tend to file for bankruptcy, experience foreclosure or resort to public assistance in the first few years of the marriage. Unless there was an unpredictable hardship that came along (which can happen to any of us), these types of situations mean you were not financially prepared for some of the financial commitments that came along with marriage. Maybe there was inexperience in planning or possibly one of you came into the marriage with a huge amount of debt. But the bottom line is, planning ahead and learning what’s required financially before getting married can save a great deal of heartache.

2. Self Assessment- Are You Ready?

Physically, emotionally and spiritually you must be mature in your choices and interactions to have a successful marriage. During marriage, putting the needs of others before your own, can be challenging and can quickly consume the newlywed effect if you’re unprepared. Assessing your ability to change places, people and things for your spouses sake is one way to determine if you’re ready.


3. Are you in a stable relationship?

Have you ever committed to a one-partner, monogamous relationship? Can you tolerate this person’s, ways, habits and life changes? One thing required in a successful marriage is learning to compromise or accommodate. When your relationship is grounded and stable most needs in a marriage can be met with support from a spouse who is committed.




4. Are you ready to have children?

Though the plans for kids may be in the future, more far than near, considering if or when to extend the family should be discussed before marriage. Think You’re Ready For Kids?