Having ‘The Talk’ with Teens before Prom Night”

dad daughter talk

Do you remember your high school days? It’s March/April and the word “Prom” is being thrown around. Everyone’s talking about who they’re taking, what they’re wearing and where they’re going. You start getting eyes from people who haven’t spoken to you all school year and your BFF has told you at least five people they would like to go with. But this one topic, though it wasn’t discussed as much, quickly become a big deal on Prom Night. That topic was “Sex” and now it’s your turn to talk about it.

Luckily for you, today’s teens hear and see the topic of “sex” so much that your talk won’t be as embarrassing as the one your parents gave you. Today, with TV and radio stations constantly promoting sex, your teens can tell you a few things, HOWEVER you must still reign with them on this one. As the big romantic night approaches, there’s no time for guessing and myths. You want peace in knowing your teen has the FACTS.

dad daughter talk

According to Planned Parenthood teens are less likely to take risks if they have good relationships with their parents. So start where it’s comfortable for you. Don’t start out with some “American Pie” demonstration if you know there’s not a lot of communication there already. May I suggest, starting a simple conversation. Allow them to engage until you feel comfortable enough to talk about prom night. Trust me, they know “The Talk” is coming so you may as well grab a drink, listen, talk and let the questions roll.

And speaking of FACTS, once you feel you’ve gotten their attention, make sure you’re giving the facts. Remember when you heard someone say,”kissing a boy will get you pregnant”? Well that’s because, someone thought if they scared off ALL activity then they would not have to give the actual sex talk. Not true! And usually the after talk for that method was, “but what happened, we never kissed”? Giving them misinformation can be just as harmful as no information. It’s ok to talk about your own values but more importantly simple documents like pamphlets and flyers from your local clinic will help with facts on preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

So when the big night comes and you’re smiling and crying all at once, they’ll walk out equipped with all the FACTS and will hopefully make the right decisions on Safe Sex. And if you’re still not sure they will follow the warnings, there’s always that position of “Chauffeur” available for you.